Breaking him of Chewing

Breaking him of Chewing

One of the big reasons dogs chew is to relax!

One of the biggest problems dog owners face, other than house breaking, is chewing, and dogs can find things to chew in an empty room!

Your dog can chew the front piece of wood on your sofa, you don’t realize until your wife sit down one day and ruined a pair of stockings.

The area he had chewed was about 9 inches wide and went down into the wood 7 or 8 inches! It was time for me to teach him not to chew on things!

Chewing is a normal pattern for dogs, one of the big reasons dogs chew is to relax. There are other reasons and they can threaten your relationship with your dog! This is a destructive habit that needs to be altered.

Your dog may chew because he is teething, and just like with a baby it hurts (a lot), giving him frozen rawhide bones is a wonderful way to begin breaking this habit, keep a few in the freezer for him, just like you would do for a baby.

Because a dog’s attention span is all of a foot long, it is a good idea to get 10 or 12 rawhides chews to freeze, put five down, then in a few days, put them back in the freezer and put down the other five.

Each one smells a little different and this gives him a variety of things to chew on without endangering your furniture or shoes!

Also provide your dog with lots of toys, you can never have too many of them and he will get a lot of comfort from them, even when you are not around.

Play with him and his toys so he learns that they are fun to chew and he will choose them over other items he isn’t supposed to have.

Never give a dog an old shoe or sock as a toy.

They won’t know the difference between the ones he can have and the ones he isn’t supposed to have!

Boredom is another reason a dog will chew, he can’t go to school or work each day, doesn’t understand soap operas, and can talk to his friends on the phone, so he chews out of boredom!

Another small training issue solved by chewing toys, but with just a little understanding the use of other training aids can help to give your dog a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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