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Canine Friend Training Leads

You will always find the best Canine Leads based on the Amazon bestsellers.

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We have done our best to find you good prices, good products and easy to buy products so please check the Amazon reviews and be part of the group of Canine owners who are looking for the best for there dogs.

DOG LEAD ADJUSTABLE Police Training LONG LEASH 300cm-230cm-165cm/118in-90in-65in HALTI LEAD Hand Made Genuine DogDirect London LANLINE (Purple-black) 3T8

Features: VERY STRONG, LONG LEAD, the HIGHEST QUALITY ADJUSTABLE lenght, Possible lenghts: 300cm-230cm-165cm/118in-90in-65in PERFECT for WALKS AND TRAINING, POLICE TYPE, Its ADEQUATE ADJUSTABLE LENGHT enables both the dog and the owner to MOVE FREELY, It enables also to WALK TWO DOGS with ONE LEASH or to use with the halti collars, HAND-MADE of SPECIAL ALPINIST TUBULAR TAPE It is resistant up to 500kg!

Adjustable Long DOG LEAD – 300cm-230cm-165cm. Very STRONG ADJUSTABLE leash of the highest quality, INCLUDES a big, high quality RESISTANT CLASP and one smaller for customization. It is perfect for medium, large and giant sized dogs. Possible lengths 300cm-230cm-165cm/118in-90in-65in (Width: 25mm). Its adequate length enables both the dog and the owner to move freely. It is resistant up to 500 kg! It enables also to walk TWO DOGS with ONE LEASH. It is made of a special TUBULAR TAPE which is very pleasant to the touch – in a contrary to usual tape leashes which are rather stiff, our product is flexible and it fits the hand perfectly, just as if it was made from a gentle material. Additionally the fabric is hypo allergic so it doesn’t irritate the dog’s sensitive skin. The product is water resistant, it does not absorb dirt and it dries quickly. It retracts easily and fits in your pocket. We recommend this product even to highly demanding clients. The warranty of all DOG DIRECT products is 24 months and relates to seams and fabrics under condition they are used appropriately.
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