Disciplining Your Dog

Disciplining Your Dog

First Comes Love Then Comes Discipline

Constant encouragement is a requirement when you are training your dog. Food, treats, toys and praise and contact are the rewards your dog should be given.

Punishment should never be physical, it is not necessary, he will respond much better to your love and affection.

Dogs want to please those they love, loving them in return you will find your dog at ease in training that will surprise you. Rewards should be along the following lines:

Food, a tasty treat will go a long way in rewarding your dog for his training successes. Hold the treat above his nose to get his attention; it is much easier to train a dog once you have his attention! Food rewards are best used when your dog is hungry.

Your touch is one of your dog’s favourite rewards! Touching is very important in training. Praise him often during training, along with long strokes to his body, do not make the mistake of patting your dog on the head, it is a dominant gesture and should never be used as a reward. Always stroke him along the length of his body.

Canine DisciplineToys are a great training tool.

It wont take long for you to find out which are his favourites.

As an incentive show him the toy and make eye contact with him by holding the toy above his head. If he misbehaves there are several means of discipline:

One means of discipline is isolation; this should only be done for a very limited time, a few minutes is sufficient, as it may cause him to feel as though he has been deserted.

They love contact and communication with you, and being isolated will make a big impression on him. Never tie your dog up and relegate them to the back garden for life, it may result in aggressive even Vicious Behaviour.

My favourite discipline is what I call my Training Clickers. This is a great training tool and can be used as part of a training program.

When a dog is misbehaving, an unpleasant surprise will put your dog’s attention on you and off what he is doing wrong. Plan to have several Clickers around your home at different locations.

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