Dog Product Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take my Dog to the Groomers?

Dog owners have traditionally groomed their pets themselves although coat-brushing sessions tend to be short, baths tend to be infrequent, and proper care of the teeth, ears, eyes, nails and glands is put off indefinitely.

Unless you are trained you could miss some of the problems your dog may have such as Ticks, Ringworm’s and other Parasites that may be lurking among your dog’s fur.

How often should I take my Dog to the Groomers?

After your first visit to a good Dog Groomer you should ask who long your pet needs to return for another appointment. All Breeds are different and owners are diverse in the way they look after there pets so its up to you make the right judgement as well as the judgement of the Groomer.

Having the correct Brush for Grooming your dog, correct Collar, Lead/Harness for walking, Shampoo for healthy Coat, Toys to play with, all you will need to keep your dog healthy including frequent exercise.

But does this justify the cost to go to the groomers?

The simple answer is yes! It is a proven fact that taking your Dog to the Groomer’s can save you an awful lot in Vet bills. Groomers check your dogs ear for infections and clean where necessary. There are many benefits to visiting a good groomer.

If your dog suffers from any ear-related conditions its best to know and have it cleared with the groomers before you end up with huge Vet bills. So improve your experience with your groomer, and your dog will benefit as well.

Can I groom my Dog myself?

No, you need to be a qualified Dog Groomer or you may cause more harm than good. Do all you can yourself and maybe you can make it 3 to 4 months before you need to see the groomer but be prepared to groom your dog each day and that could save your Vet and Groomers bills each year.

Who do I pay for my Dog Product?

When you click the Buy Button you will be taken directly to the Amazon website to make your dog product purchase. At that stage you will be looked after by the best online store on the internet.

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