Train your dog to have fun, not to show aggressive behaviour…

Learn to Muzzle your dogIf you think you need a Muzzle you obviously are concerned about aggression problems with your dog. Work under the supervision of a professional if your dog have aggression problems.

Muzzles are nothing more than training tools and as with every training tool they can be improperly used. When Muzzles come off at the wrong time bad things happen.

Learn to Fit your dog's MuzzleFitting your dog’s Muzzle should be a learning curve for you both.. Check out this video!

Some dog owners use a Muzzle when taking their dogs for a walk.

Dog biting is one of the most common behavioural problems dog owners complain about, why? Because each year the training of dogs is still not enough and most important, children are the most likely ones to get bitten.

Believe it or not, the family favourite Labrador is responsible for the highest number of canine attacks in the UK and the behaviour of a dog is also very important to teach your children while interacting with your family dog. So please educate yourself and especially your children to avoid dog bites because due to their small size, a child is more likely to be severely injured.

The best type of dog Muzzle is the Baskerville Muzzle – its open basket weave allows the dog to breathe freely. Dogs pant to lose heat so try not to use a Muzzle that closes a dog’s mouth. Make sure you get the correct size for your dog. The piece that goes across the nose mustn’t rub their eyes.

Remember to always associate wearing the muzzle with something your dog likes, such as going for a walk or being fed food treats while wearing the Muzzle.

Muzzles only mask dog aggression problems they don’t cure them. So while a Muzzle is going to protect one person from being bitten, it is not going to solve the aggression issue, unless aggression is treated the problem will remain.

Muzzles for your dogBaskerville Muzzle

Made of light plastic
With a deep cut-out for the eyes
Dimensions: 29 x 21 x 10 cm




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