Supplements for your Canine friend.

Your dog may need supplements on the rare occasion, for some dogs it is necessary and ongoing routine. Help your dog to enjoy a long, healthy life by using the right supplements for your pet.

We don’t talk dog language but we know and love our dogs and have a good sense of there needs. We use supplements for Joints, Kidney Disease and to give our Canine friend a shinny Coat. Visit your Vet and get the best advice you can before you invest in supplements for your dog and they will look and feel their best.

One of the most important Supplements for your Canine friend…

Features: YuMOVE provides a concentrated source of Omega 3s proven to soothe stiff joints and improve joint comfort, Rich in natural Chondroitin Sulphate from Green Lipped Mussel for slowing the breakdown of cartilage, Vitamins C and E neutralise these FreeRadicals helping to maintain joint mobility.

Developed specifically to support dog joint health, YUMOVE provides all the key nutrients required for healthy joints in a single supplement. Improves joint comfort Supports joint structure Promotes mobility YUMOVE has been developed to provide all the key nutrients for healthy dog joints in a single supplement.

Triple Strength Green Lipped Mussel
YUMOVE provides a concentrated source of unique Omega 3’s proven to soothe stiff joints and improve joint comfort.Green Lipped Mussel contains a unique omega 3 called ETA to soothe stiff joints. The high content of these key active oils is one of the reasons why YUMOVE works so quickly SUPPORTS JOINT STRUCTURE.

Pure Glucosamine
YUMOVE is made with veterinary strength and purity Glucosamine HCl to provide more concentrated joint support.

Natural Chondroitin
YUMOVE is rich in natural chondroitin sulphate from green lipped mussel which plays an important role in slowing the breakdown of cartilage in your dog’s joints.

Supports stronger tendons and ligaments PROMOTES MOBILITY.

Hyaluronic acid
A major part of synovial fluid, the cushioning fluid in the joint which helps lubricate and cushion the joint during movement.

Triple Strength Green Lipped Mussel
A rich source of minerals, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans to support joint, tendon and ligament health aiding flexibility and mobility.

Vitamins C & E
Vital for active and working dogs. As your dog exercises, they produce more free radicals which can cause problems over time. Vitamins C & E neutralise these free radicals, helping to maintain joint mobility.

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